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Cheap as chips

So we will have other items under this option

WORK for your SELF or YOUR own Business IDEAS

1. Sticker packs

The price is now NAAAAS and CHEAP to label all you want Cheap as CHIPS

  • What you can do with Stickers
  • Optionzzzz – work or home, label items in kitchen, wardrobe, work space, kids books, stationary, party pack, GIFT labels and LOOOOTS more
  • What we offer is a FULL colour sheet A5 or A4 option x 2 (a5 or a4) Nogggallll
  • YOU JAMMMMMM into an A5 or A4 sticker sheet all you can
  • We also have pre done shapes, u in SHAPE yes!!

We print and supply. You sell or use!!

  • MAKE your own, YES party HAT icon!!!
  • NB – Good to know,

If artwork is not great it will PIXILATE (google it you will get deeeefinition)or we cannot cut out nicely around the shape of that sticker allowing you to then cut manually as you see fit after prints done and received from us.

OR add it into one of the templates made to cut to that shape LOOOOTS to Chooose FROM……. MMMM WHAT a lot of Choisssss I GOT!!

(For us to do) We will then have preloaded some options with cut shapes

Can we add these in

The price is now NAAAAS and CHEAP to label all you want or SELLLLLLLL

2 x A5 sheet printed (YOUR own artwork) R 80

2 x A4 sheet printed (YOUR own artwork) R 110

WOW u a designer or Business PERSON To sell what U like and make a BUSINESS!!!!

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